July 20, 2024

Sing Star of Sqay: Riyaan Rouf’s Inspiring Journey

Sing Star of Sqay: Riyaan Rouf’s Inspiring Journey

By :- Zia Shakeel

Introduction: In the dynamic realm of sports, Riyaan Rouf, a promising young athlete from Pampore, unfolds as a true champion in the martial art of Sqay. Backed by devoted parents, Riyaan’s journey has seen triumphs on both national and international stages, with a recent prestigious gold medal at a tournament in Nepal.

A Sneak Peek into Sqay: Sqay, a traditional Kashmiri martial art, blends swordsmanship, self-defense, and physical fitness. Riyaan, displaying agility and precision, engages in simulated combat with wooden staves and shields, showcasing elegance and power.

Early Success on the National Stage: Embarking on his Sqay journey at 7, Riyaan, with the support of parents Rouf Ah mir and Zareefa Akhter, clinched a bronze medal at a national tournament in Haryana. His success surged with silver in Delhi, followed by gold in Jammu, Haryana, Goa, and Jammu again.

Glory at International Level and All India Championship: In 2022, Riyaan became the All India Champion in the under-14 boys’ category, gaining nationwide recognition. In 2023, at an international tournament in Nepal, his skills prevailed, securing a gold medal and bringing pride to his country.

The Power of Supportive Parents: Riyaan’s ascent owes much to the unwavering support of parents Rouf Ah mir and Zareefa Akhter. Their belief, encouragement, and sacrifices have been instrumental in his achievements, making them pillars of strength.

Conclusion: Riyaan Rouf, a rising star in Sqay, epitomizes dedication and passion. From humble beginnings to international triumph, his journey, fueled by parental support, promises a lasting legacy in Sqay’s history, inspiring generations to come.


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