June 16, 2024

Makeup Delight by Arooj A 19 year old Girl : Bringing Affordable Beauty to All, Especially Orphaned Girls in Srinagar, J&K

“Makeup Delight by Arooj: Bringing Affordable Beauty to All, Especially Orphaned Girls in Srinagar, J&K

In the enchanting landscapes of Lasjan, Srinagar, resides Arooj, a remarkable 19-year-old self-taught Makeup Artist (MUA) and beautician. As the vibrant hues of her creativity paint the canvas of faces, Arooj has a special mission with ‘Makeup Delight by Arooj.’


Despite her youth, Arooj is gearing up for the wedding season with a heart full of compassion. She recognizes the beauty in every soul and aims to share it generously, especially with orphaned girls who may find it challenging to afford a makeup artist on their special day. In a heartfelt conversation with Jknews Nation, Arooj expressed her commitment to providing free makeovers for these deserving individuals.

But Arooj’s generosity doesn’t end there. For those seeking her expertise beyond the realm of charitable endeavors, her services are available at remarkably affordable prices. Whether it’s a wedding, a special event, or a desire to embrace one’s beauty, Arooj is dedicated to making it accessible to all.

Your support is the driving force behind Arooj’s mission. Each interaction, every query, and every partnership contribute to making beauty a universal experience. For inquiries about Arooj’s work or pricing, a simple direct message to @makeupdelightbyarooj can open the door to a world of affordable and delightful beauty.

Together, let’s champion Arooj’s cause – where Makeup Delight by Arooj not only transforms faces but also transforms lives. Thank you for being a part of this radiant journey.”



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