June 16, 2024

After slump, Kangri sales pick up in Kashmir after snowfall

After slump, Kangri sales pick up in Kashmir after snowfall

Despite latest heating gadgets, fire-pots continue to keep Valleyites warm in bone chilling cold

Maleeha Sofi

Srinagar, Feb 02 (KNO): The prolonged dry spell in the Valley that just ended with rain and snowfall has pushed the sales of Kangris (traditional fire-pots) up yet again with people preferring it over the latest heating gadgets to beat the cold.

In the two-month long dry spell, the sale of Kangris declined leading to the losses of Kangri makers. Pertinently, the fire pots are sold mainly before snowfall as people keep themselves ready for the chilly weather.

“The sales of Kangris remained almost static in December month but thanks to Almighty, with the further dip in temperatures followed by snowfall, though a little spell in Srinagar, sale has once again picked up,” said Ghulam Qadir Shakshaaz, who is into Kangri making business since past 25 years.

Interestingly this winter saw prolonged dry weather and a rise in day temperature which made people abandon the Kangri. In his 70s, Abdur Rashid Matta, said: “This season was not good for sales.”

His shop in Srinagar outskirts is filled with many unsold products but since the past few days he has been witnessing good sales. “By this time I would have sold all the Kangris but this year I did not get enough customers. Past few days were good as people purchased Kangris in large numbers,” he said.

Matta also repairs the broken fire pots which help him to earn livelihood amid tough conditions. “There are so many electronic heating gadgets available in the markets. There are electric hamams as well but fire-pots are still in demand as people feel this is still the cheapest way to keep themselves warm in harsh winters,” he said.

The dry weather cannot be the sole reason behind the plummeting sales of Kangris as people do winter shopping before the season.

On Thursday, at a shop in Srinagar, selling Kangris, people were seen bargaining for the price which again proves that the lack of resources is the main reason and not dry weather. “I did not sell even one gift Kangir this year,” said Dawood, who has been in the business for many years now. The price of these gift Kangiris is upto to Rs 5000.’

Shameema, a homemaker, said that she uses the Kangir every year to beat the cold no matter snow or no snow. “Long curtailment schedule of electricity takes the people back to Kangir. We have no choice. There is no fun of having electronic heaters or electric hamams, when you have no electricity—(KNO)


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