June 12, 2024

“Winter Power Curtailment Schedule Issued for Kashmir Valley”

“Winter Power Curtailment Schedule Issued for Kashmir Valley”

By:-/Zia Shakeel

As the winter season approaches, authorities in Kashmir have released a comprehensive power curtailment schedule for the region. The Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has announced that metered areas will be subject to daily power curtailment lasting 4.5 hours.

This curtailment has been divided into three distinct shifts, spread throughout the day, with each shift lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. These shifts are scheduled for the morning, afternoon, and evening. Meanwhile, in non-metered areas, residents should anticipate an extended power curtailment period of 8 hours on a regular basis.

The objective of this schedule is to effectively manage the power supply during the impending winter season, ensuring a fair distribution of electricity resources across the Kashmir Valley.

Such measures are often necessary to cope with increased electricity demand during the cold winter months.

This announcement by the KPDCL is aimed at minimizing disruptions in electricity services and ensuring that the essential power needs of the region’s residents are met during this critical time of the year _(JKNN)


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