July 21, 2024

Watch: Fog Blankets Kashmir in Chilled Embrace on Sunday Morning

Fog Blankets Kashmir in Chilled Embrace on Sunday Morning.

Watch Fog Blankets Kashmir in Chilled Embrace on Sunday Morning click on link


19/11/2023 (JKNN) Kashmir greeted its residents with a serene yet chilling Sunday morning, shrouded in a thick veil of fog.

A video by Zia Shaeel vividly captures the ethereal scene as dense fog blankets the region.

The temperatures, plummeting further, create an atmosphere where the mercury dips below zero degrees Celsius.

The residents of Srinagar and various other parts of Kashmir awoke to a landscape transformed by the wintry fog, casting a mystical aura over the picturesque surroundings.

This atmospheric phenomenon is not limited to specific locales; rather, most parts of Kashmir are witnessing a gradual decline in temperatures, reinforcing the icy grip of winter.

As the fog engulfs Kashmir, it not only adds a touch of mystery to the scenery but also brings a tangible chill to the air. This meteorological spectacle is a reminder of the seasonal transition, impacting not only daily routines but also offering a visual spectacle that showcases nature’s ability to transform the familiar into the extraordinary.

In tandem with the fog, the temperatures in both Kashmir and Ladakh continue their downward trajectory, painting a vivid picture of the impending winter.

The residents navigate through the misty landscapes, adapting to the challenges posed by the sub-zero temperatures, as Sunday unfolds in a uniquely frosty embrace across the region.



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