June 22, 2024

Unprecedented Temperature 14.4 degrees Celsius Shift in Srinagar City During Winter”

Unprecedented Temperature Shift in Srinagar City During Winter”

BY :-/Aijaz Rather

13/01.2024 (JKNN) In an astonishing turn , Srinagar City recently recorded a maximum temperature of 14.4 degrees Celsius at 2:30 p.m. during what is traditionally the winter season.

This stark departure from the norm has left residents and visitors alike bewildered, as the region typically experiences colder temperatures and snowfall during this time.

Contrary to the familiar wintry landscape of sub-zero temperatures, this year has brought about a remarkable change, with unusually high temperatures prevailing in the Kashmir Valley.

The unexpected warmth has not only defied seasonal expectations but has also presented a unique set of challenges for the local community and the tourism sector.

The picturesque tourist resorts, which usually transform into enchanting snow-covered retreats, now wear a different face, devoid of the characteristic blanket of snow.

This unforeseen shift has left tourists disheartened, as the absence of the winter charm has altered the usual allure of the Kashmir Valley.

The deviation from the typical winter climate raises questions about the impact of climate change on regional weather patterns.

The once dependable predictability of cold temperatures and snowfall has given way to an unpredictable climate scenario, prompting reflection on the broader implications for both the local populace and the environment.

As the region grapples with this totally unexpected phenomenon, it highlights the need for heightened awareness and preparedness for the unpredictable nature of climate change.

The narrative of a winter without the customary chill and snowfall underscores the urgency of addressing and adapting to the evolving climate patterns that are reshaping the face of familiar landscapes.



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