July 20, 2024

Unfortunate Delays in Monthly Salaries for PDD Employees

Unfortunate Delays in Monthly Salaries for PDD Employees

(JKNN) 12/09/2023 (JKNN)

It is a regrettable situation caused by those in leadership positions that monthly salary delays have become a frequent occurrence for employees working in the Power Development Department (PDD). Upon investigation, it has been determined that this delay is due to a lack of funds at the treasury level, which has created dissatisfaction among PDD employees.

We, representing the Electrical Employees Union, strongly condemn this incorrect approach from the administration. We have decided that if this continues, employees will have no choice but to protest in every possible way. We also call upon the honorable LG, Chief Secretary of J&K, and the Financial Director to separate the monthly salary disbursement from Grant in Aid, aligning it with universities and autonomous bodies.

In this context, it has been unanimously decided that if the government does not disburse employee salaries within two days, a “pen down, tool down” strike will take place on Friday, September 15, and Saturday, September 16. We urge all PDD employees to follow these instructions and make the strike successful on the ground level. Furthermore, all employees are requested to assemble at the chief office on Saturday, September 16, for a strong demonstration against the flawed policies of power management. The consequences of this action will rest on the administration’s shoulders.



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