June 12, 2024

“Tangmarg Policeman’s Killing Case: Authorities Close in on Culprits with Promising Leads”

“Tangmarg Policeman’s Killing Case: Authorities Close in on Culprits with Promising Leads”

Breakthrough in Investigation: Significant Progress Made in Tangmarg Policeman’s Killing Case

Fazil Mir

Tangmarg, Nov 04 (KS) : Security agencies have reported several substantial leads in the investigation into the tragic killing of policemen in Tangmarg area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district just a few days ago.

As per news agency Kashmir Scroll, Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, RR Swain after visited the slain policeman’s family in Pattan Baramula said that security agencies are determined to bring justice to the fallen officers and their grieving families. He said authorities have vowed to leave no stone unturned.

The Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, RR Swain, strongly asserted that those responsible for this heinous act will not escape the hands of justice.

“We will delve deep into this incident and ensure that the culprits are held accountable,” stated DGP Swain as per News Agency Kashmir Scroll.

This is not just an attack on our brave policemen, but also on the entire police family. We will not rest until we unveil the truth and bring justice to our fallen heroes he added.

The dedication exhibited by the authorities involved, coupled with the unwavering support from the community, has resulted in substantial breakthroughs. This progress indicates a significant step forward towards identifying and apprehending the individuals involved in this tragic incident.

Pertinently, Following the killing of a police officer and a non-local laborer, security forces have intensified checking and frisking of vehicles and pedestrians in various parts of Kashmir.

An official told News Agency Kashmir Scroll that to bolster security, authorities have established nakas and mobile vehicle checkpoints (MVCP) at major intersections, entry/exit points of the city, and important roads leading to district headquarters.

Sources told News Agency Kashmir Scroll that Jammu and Kashmir Police and paramilitary CRPF personnel have been deployed at sensitive places across the valley and are conducting vehicle checkings at different locations.

Sources said the security forces are also keeping a watch, including night domination, in the areas where non-locals reside.

The Kashmir valley has witnessed a recent surge in militant attacks.(KS)


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