June 22, 2024

Sent fake photographs, collected mehr’: Fake marriage holding nexus busted in Kunzer

Sent fake photographs, collected mehr’: Fake marriage holding nexus busted in Kunzer

Srinagar,Sep 01 (KS) : A fake marriage-holding nexus has been busted in the Kunzer area of Baramulla in north Kashmir and four persons detained in the connection.

Police in a statement news agency Kashmir Scroll said that the case was brought to police’s attention through an application submitted by some persons of Kunzer area.

According to the complaint, the accused individuals were operating as middlemen during marriage functions.

“They used WhatsApp to send photos of various young women, falsely claiming they were ready for marriage. These individuals convinced the victims on the other side to agree to marriage proposals, fix the Mehr money, and make payments. However, despite the financial transactions, no marriages were conducted, and the money was not returned,” the Police statement said.

The Police claimed that this group of fraudsters manipulated their victims by selecting targets through carefully chosen photographs of young women. They managed to accumulate a significant sum of 7 lakh 38 thousand rupees from unsuspecting victims under the pretense of Mehr payments and commission.

The accused have been identified as Laal Hussain, resident of Rajouri, Irshada Begum, resident of Mori Kalakot, Rajouri, Ab Rahman Rather, resident of Dar Mohalla, Drang, Budgam and Ab Khaliq Dar,of Khag Budgam.

The Police Department has registered an case FIR under sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

An investigation was initiated immediately, leading to the unearthing of the entire fraudulent operation. As of now, four individuals have been apprehended in connection with this case, Police statement read.(KS)


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