June 22, 2024

SDM Gulmarg Issues Winter Advisory for Visitors

SDM Gulmarg Issues Winter Advisory for Visitors

Srinagar, Jan 28 (KS): Sub-divisional Magistrate Gulmarg has issued a winter advisory to ensure safe and convenient travelling along the road leading to the famous ski-destination.

The SDM in its advisory, a copy of which lies with news agency Kashmir Scroll, said that; To prevent accidents and long-lasting traffic jams due to slippery roads which puts the commuters to much inconvenience only 4×4 vehicles and those with anti-skid chains shall be allowed from Tangmarg to Gulmarg and vice-versa till the thawing of the ice from the road.

“To prevent jams and breakdown of vehicles only LMVs with seating capacity not more than 10 seats shall be allowed to ply on Gulmarg Tangmarg Road”, reads the advisory.

“Only registered Anti-skid chain vendors shall be allowed to install chains on vehicles in allotted parking spaces without creating any jam on road, also the rate for anti-skid chain will be rupees 600/- per pair.”

“All the tour operators and private vehicle owners are advised not to park their vehicles on the road side, they shall park their vehicles only in designated parking spaces available in different spots at Tangmarg”, the advisory reads.

“Coat and Boot vendors shall not come on roads for attracting tourists to use their coats and boots to avoid inconvenience to tourists and traffic jamming”, reads the advisory further. (KS)


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