July 24, 2024

Read Why Eggs are hard to break on their sides

Why Eggs are hard to break on their sides

24/09/2023 (JKNN) :
Eggs are hard to break on their sides because of their unique structural design. An eggshell consists of calcium carbonate crystals arranged in a tightly-packed matrix. This structure provides strength and protection to the delicate contents inside the egg.

When you apply pressure to the sides of an egg, it distributes the force evenly across the curved surface. This makes it difficult to break because the pressure is spread out, rather than focused on one point. However, if you apply force to the top or bottom of the egg (the ends), you can create a point of stress that can lead to the eggshell cracking more easily.

In essence, the rounded shape of an eggshell helps distribute external force, making it harder to break when pressure is applied to the sides.



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