July 20, 2024

Mohammad Ashraf Palpori addresses Public concerns in Pamposh Colony

Mohammad Ashraf Palpori addresses Public concerns in Pamposh Colony

Ensured hand-to-hand replacement of electric transformer

Eidgah, Feb 08: Former Chairman Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Ex Corporator and Apni Party Incharge Eidgah Constituency Mohammad Ashraf Palpori undertook a significant community engagement initiative today by visiting Pamposh Colony within the Eidgah Constituency.

Palpori’s visit aimed to directly address and resolve various public grievances affecting the residents of the area.

During his visit, Palpori meticulously listened to the concerns and grievances voiced by the residents of Pamposh Colony. Among the issues raised was the urgent need for the replacement of a broken electric transformer, causing inconvenience and disruptions in the locality’s power supply.

In response to the pressing need, Palpori swiftly took action to ensure the prompt replacement of the malfunctioning 250 kVA electric transformer. His hands-on approach and immediate intervention exemplified his commitment to addressing community needs efficiently.

Additionally, Palpori identified another critical concern related to sanitation and drainage within Pamposh Colony. Recognizing the importance of clean and hygienic surroundings for the well-being of the residents, he ensured that sanitation and drainage cleaning operations commenced promptly.

The timely resolution of these key issues not only alleviated the immediate challenges faced by the residents but also underscored Palpori’s dedication to serving the community effectively.

Grateful for his proactive efforts and tangible results, the people of Pamposh Colony expressed their heartfelt appreciation and extended their unwavering support to Palpori.


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