June 22, 2024

Drug Bust at Kitchama Baramulla Three Arrested, Including Woman

Major Drug Bust at Kitchama B’la – Three Arrested, Including Woman

01/12/2023 : (JKNN) In a noteworthy operation, the local police successfully apprehended three individuals involved in drug peddling, among them a woman, at Kitchama B’la.

The authorities seized a substantial 776 grams of contraband substances, resembling Heroin in nature.

The case stemming from this operation has been officially registered at the Sheeri Police Station.

The ongoing investigation aims to delve into the intricate details surrounding the illicit drug trade in the area.

The police are meticulously examining evidence and gathering information to ensure a thorough understanding of the network and individuals involved.

This substantial haul of contraband substances underscores the authorities’ commitment to combating drug-related activities in the region.

The collaboration between law enforcement agencies and their relentless efforts have resulted in a significant breakthrough in curbing the illicit drug trade. Further updates on the investigation will be provided as they unfold.



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