July 17, 2024

“Kashmir Valley Grapples with Severe Winter Power Shortages”

“Kashmir Valley Grapples with Severe Winter Power Shortages”

By:- Aijaz Rather

13/10/2023: (JKNN) :
Kashmir Valley is currently facing a daunting challenge as it plunges into darkness with the arrival of winter.

Daily power curtailment, involving power cuts in both non-metered and metered areas, has become a harsh reality for the region’s residents.

The frigid sub-zero temperatures during winter have made life in Kashmir even more grueling.

The persistent power shortage in the region intensifies with the onset of winter, as the demand for electricity consistently surpasses the available supply in the coming months.

This results in frequent power outages and load shedding, severely affecting daily routines and businesses.

From November to February, electricity consumption significantly rises, especially in the Kashmir division, due to the unforgiving winter season.

The region’s extreme weather conditions, characterized by heavy snowfall and severe cold, frequently disrupt power supply.

Accumulated snow on power lines, transformers, and other electrical infrastructure leads to breakdowns and outages.

During winter, temperatures plummet significantly, often falling below freezing. In December and January, temperatures can range from -2°C to 7°C (28°F to 45°F), with some areas experiencing even more extreme sub-zero conditions.

The harshest part of the winter, known as “Chillai Kalan,” lasting 40 days and commencing around December 21st, witnesses the lowest temperatures and most intense snowfall in Kashmir.

Taking all these challenges into account, the Power Development Department, responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in the Union Territory, is expected to release a power curtailment schedule for Kashmir in the near future.



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