June 16, 2024

Husband locks up wife in house for 12 years

Husband locks up wife in house for 12 years in Mysuru, she used box for toilet
The woman claimed her husband had kept her locked inside the house for 12 years, and tortured her. She added that she used a small box in the corner of the room for toilet purposes.

A woman, who allegedly was locked up in her home for 12 years by her husband, was rescued by police in Karnataka’s Mysuru. She, however, refused to lodge a case against him and decided to stay at her parents’ house.

The woman, in her early thirties, claimed that her husband had kept her locked inside the house for 12 years. She said that she used a small box at home for toilet and loo breaks.

She further said that the couple’s two children would wait outside the house after coming back from school until her husband returned from work, and let them In.

It’s been 12 years since I got married. He always locked me up in the house and tortured me. Nobody in the area would question him… My children go to school. But they remain outside until my husband comes back from work. I would give them food through the window,” the woman told India Today.

A senior police officer, meanwhile, said that the woman was only confined inside her home for the past two to three weeks.

Her movement was restricted. She has visited her parents’ home in the past. The husband was locking her up inside the house before leaving for work. He was insecure. He has been counselled as well,” the officer told India Today.

The woman is the third wife of the man. After being rescued, the woman was counselled, following which, she said she do not want to file a complaint against her husband and would stay at her parents’ house, and sort her marital issues out.IT



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