June 22, 2024

Grand and Patriotic Celebration: 75th Republic Day Celebrations Illuminate District Court Complex in Moominabad, Srinagar

Grand and Patriotic Celebration: 75th Republic Day Celebrations Illuminate District Court Complex in Moominabad, Srinagar

Srinagar January 26, 2024: In a jubilant and patriotic display of unity, the District Court Complex, Moominabad, Srinagar, witnessed an unforgettable celebration of the 75th Republic Day. The event was marked by the unfurling of the National Flag and the solemn salute of the guards by the Principal District & Sessions Judge (Chairman, DLSA) Srinagar Mr. Jawad Ahmad.
The event echoed with the resonating spirit of freedom, as Judicial Officers of District Srinagar, Officers of the Prosecution Department, Members of the Bar, Ms.Kanchan Yadav, Assistant Commandant CRPF BN 144, Officers and officials of the Roads & Buildings (R&B) Department, Treasury, J&K Bank branch Moominabad, Officers and Ministerial Court staff, Staff members of DLSA Srinagar, members of the Legal Aid and Defense Counsel (LADC), Penal Lawyers, and para-legal volunteers came together in a powerful display of national pride.
The unfurling of the tricolor, accompanied by the crisp salute of the guards, symbolized the unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and the rule of law. Principal District & Sessions Judge, who also serves as the Chairman of DLSA, Srinagar spoke passionately about the significance of the day and the role of the legal fraternity in upholding the democratic values that the nation stands for.

The participation of various stakeholders, including members of the Bar, Officers from the Prosecution Department, and other government departments such as R&B, Treasury, and J&K Bank, reflected the collaborative effort towards fostering a society rooted in justice and equality. The vibrant gathering also included Officers and ministerial staff from the court, emphasizing the collective responsibility in dispensing justice and ensuring the rule of law prevails.

As the tricolor swayed against the backdrop of the District Court Complex, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of pride and patriotism. The event served as a reminder that the legal fraternity, with its diverse members, plays a crucial role in shaping the destiny of the nation. Principal District & Sessions Judge, Srinagar, Mr. Jawad Ahmad as a goodwill gesture, distributed sweets among the guards of J&K Police and CRPF (BN), acknowledging their dedication in safeguarding our nation’s values and freedoms.


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