June 12, 2024

Dr. G.V Sundeep Chakravarthy assumes charge as SSP Anantnag

Dr. G.V Sundeep Chakravarthy assumes charge as SSP Anantnag

Srinagar, Oct 20 (KS) : Dr. G.V. Sundeep Chakravarthy, an IPS officer, has officially taken charge as the Senior Superintendent of Police in Anantnag.

As per News Agency Kashmir Scroll, the handover ceremony took place at the District Police Headquarters in Anantnag, where Shri Ashish Mishra, the outgoing SSP, passed on the responsibilities to the new incumbent.

Upon his arrival, Dr. G.V. Sundeep Chakravarthy received a warm welcome from senior police officers of the district, and a guard of honor was presented to him.

Soon after assuming charge, Dr. G.V. Sundeep Chakravarthy conducted an introductory meeting with the police officers of the district.

During the meeting as per news agency Kashmir Scroll, he emphasized the importance of working diligently and enthusiastically to address the challenges faced by the community members.

He urged the officers to dedicate themselves to their duties and make significant contributions towards resolving community issues.(KS)


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