July 17, 2024

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s Big Announcement: Anti-Drone System To Be Deployed On Borders Soon

Amit Shah’s Big Announcement: Anti-Drone System To Be Deployed On Borders Soon.

Union Home Minister said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has been successful in cracking down on narcotics and terrorism.

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the Narendra Modi government will deploy an anti-drone system on India’s borders “soon”. The Home Minister said this at the 31st Northern Zonal Council meeting at Punjab’s Amritsar on Tuesday. “The Modi government is dedicated to the security and development of the region. The unwavering vigilance of our security agencies has resulted in numerous successful operations against terrorists and drug traffickers in the region. To further strengthen the region’s security apparatus, an anti-drone system will soon be deployed along our country’s borders,” Shah said.

During the meeting, some crucial issues concerning the member states in particular and the country as a whole were discussed, according to a statement by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Chandrayaan-3, the worldwide appreciation of India’s leadership and global welfare at the G20 Summit and the historic Women’s Reservation Bill passed by the Parliament.

While appreciating the role of the Zonal Councils, Shah mentioned that though the Zonal Councils are advisory in character, over the years, they have proved to be a significant factor in promoting healthy bonds of mutual understanding and cooperation in various spheres.

The Zonal Councils provide the opportunity for personal interaction at the highest level amongst the members and serve as a useful forum for resolving issues of a difficult and complex nature in an atmosphere of amity and goodwill.

Through discussion and exchange of views, the Zonal Councils help in developing a coordinated approach among the States on important issues of socio and economic development. The Zonal Councils also discuss and make recommendations on issues of common interest of the states.

Shah also mentioned that the meetings of the five Zonal Councils are now being convened regularly by the Inter-State Council Secretariat of the Ministry of Home Affairs with the cooperation of the state governments.

He observed that there has been a substantial increase in the number of meetings of the Zonal Councils and its Standing Committees. Since June 2014, in the last 10 years, a total of 54 meetings of the Zonal Council and its Standing Committee have been held making the frequency more than double in comparison to the meetings held during the 10 years from the year 2004 to May 2014.

“Good Practices adopted by member states and UTs were also shared in the meeting,” added the statement. ZN



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