July 17, 2024

Social media giants give free access to J&K Police to track anti-national elements

Social media giants give free access to J&K Police to track anti-national elements

Srinagar, Sep 25, KDC: In a significant development, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have intensified their efforts to curb the misuse of social media platforms for anti-India and anti-national activities. Sources within the police department have confirmed that they are actively tracking the IP addresses of individuals involved in such activities.

What sets this initiative apart is the direct cooperation the Jammu and Kashmir Police have secured from social media giants, including WhatsApp, X (formerly known as Twitter), Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and TiTok etc…. This collaboration has granted the authorities access to information concerning those who exploit these platforms to spread anti-national sentiment.

The efficacy of this partnership recently came to light when the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Cyber Investigation Kashmir (CIK) wing apprehended an individual from Srinagar. This individual was found to be operating a fake Instagram account and posting anti-national content in the comment section.

Additionally, Jammu and Kashmir Police, along with other relevant agencies, have successfully infiltrated various Telegram and WhatsApp groups, where they closely monitor activities. Insider sources have confirmed to Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com that a wealth of valuable intelligence has been gathered through these operations.

An official told KDC that even teenagers, who are members of various Telegram groups, are under surveillance. The officer stressed the importance of parents’ vigilance in monitoring their children’s online activities, urging them to ensure that their wards do not become unwitting participants in anti-national activities.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police’s dedication to monitoring and curbing social media misuse underscores their commitment to national security, the officer said, adding that as the digital landscape continues to evolve, law enforcement agencies are adapting their strategies to safeguard the integrity of the nation. (KDC)


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