July 24, 2024

No Beef For Pakistan Or Any Other Team On Cricket World Cup 2023 Menu

No Beef For Pakistan Or Any Other Team On Cricket World Cup 2023 Menu, Says Report
Many in the Pakistani cricket team are beef eaters but none of them will be served any item related to beef during the World Cup, says report

The Pakistan men’s cricket team arrived in India amid huge fanfare on Wednesday. The next day they were out on the field to have their first nets session in Hyderabad. The Men in Green play their first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on October 6 vs Netherlands. Before that, they play New Zealand and Australia in the warm-up matches.

Babar Azam and Co received a grand welcome at the Hyderabad airport with hundreds of fans gathered outside. Babar, Mohammad Rizwan and Shaheen Shah Afridi shared their first impressions on social media, saying they have felt very loveble after arriving in India.

Pakistani cricketers liked the food they received in dinner after arriving the hotel. Over there too, Pakistani team were welcomed by the hotel staff in a heartening way. One of the cricketers had posted photo of a plate of biryani, saying that they Hyderabadi special biryani has lived up to the hype.

The Pakistani team will be eating chicken, mutton and fish in their plates during the World Cup. Additionally, they will be served some good delights like Butter Chicken and Biryani every now and then. It must be noted that Beef will not be served to any of the ten team taking part in the World Cup, even to Pakistan.

“Update: No beef will be served to any team in food menu in India. Pakistan team hotel’s food menu includes Lamb chops, Mutton Curry, Hyderabadi biryani, Grilled fish, Butter chicken and Vegetable pulao,” wrote a Pakistani journalist on the menu of the Pakistani team at the World Cup.

Food is an essential part of the team in any big tournament and these days some cricketers even take their own chef to prepare the right diet items for them. For example, Hardik Pandya has his own personal chef. He ensures that he has booked a hotel or apartment for his chef nearby his own hotel. The chef prepares the good knowing the dietary requirements of the cricketer. Hardik’s staple food is Dal Khichdi with the right amount of ghee.

The dietary plan shared with all the hotels is likely to be followed by all the cricket stadiums also during the tournament. The stadiums have to arrange for dinner or lunch when the match is on so that the plates of the cricketers is full.ZN



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