July 17, 2024

Mohammad Shami replied to the Pakistani trolls,for saying that he was not allowed to do ‘Sajda’ during one of the games in ODI World Cup 2023.

‘Proud Indian And Muslim’ Mohammed Shami Says He Can Do ‘Sajda’ In India Wherever He Wants, Attacks Pakistani Trolls
Shami attacked Pakistani trolls who had mocked him and India for saying that he was not allowed to do ‘Sajda’ during one of the games in ODI World Cup 2023.

India paceman Mohammed Shami was trolled during one of the matches in the Cricket World Cup 2023. A tired Shami was soon kneeling on the ground immediately after picking a wicket. Pakistani troll accounts used Shami’s geature on the ground to spread hate on social media and claimed that the muslim-born Indian cricketer was not being allowed to do ‘Sajda’ after achieveing a bowling record. ‘Sajda’ is urdu word for prostration, an act my muslims world over to thanks ‘Allah’.

Shami has replied to the trolls, also explaining what transpired on the field and whether he indeed wanted to do a ‘Sajdah’ after taking a wicket. He slammed the trolls and said that if he wants to perform Sajda, nobody can stop him from doing it in India. He added that he would not be living in India had anyone stopped him from following his religion.

Speaking at an event organsed by Aaj Tak, Shami was asked the question on how he felt after Pakistani trolls attacked him for the body language on the field Shami said, “If somebody wants to do Sajda, who will stop? I will not stop anybody from your religion, you will not stop anybody from my religion. If I have to do Sajda, I will do it. What is the problem? I say it with pride that I am Muslim. I am an Indian, I say it with pride that I am an Indian,” he replied.

Shami added that he never does ‘Sajda’ on the cricket ground after picking wickets, something which many Pakistani cricketers or other muslim cricketers do. Shami said that: “If I have to do Sajda, tell me where to do it, I will do it.”

The Amroha-born pacer said that there are people whose sole purpose is to create disturbance using the social media as it provides them with content. Further explaining why he kneeled down after picking the wicket, Shami said, “…I kneeled down as I was bowling beyond my effort. I was tired. People took the gesture in a different way.”ZN



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