July 17, 2024

Kashmir Bat Makers Sue Over “Shark Tank India” Claims, Seek Rs 100 Crore Compensation

Kashmir Bat Makers Sue Over “Shark Tank India” Claims, Seek Rs 100 Crore Compensation

Srinagar, Feb 05: The Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) has swung into legal action against Sony Pictures Networks, the makers of the popular reality show “Shark Tank India” and Tramboo Sports Pvt. Ltd. The dispute stems from claims made on the show during an episode that aired on January 30th, 2024.

A delegation of CBMAK, the recognized amalgam body of all cricket bat manufacturers in the Kashmir Valley while talking to Kashmir based news gathering agency Kashmir Dot Com strongly refuted the portrayal of Tramboo Sports as the sole manufacturer of Kashmir willow cricket bats.

They expressed deep concern about the claims made by Tramboo Sports on “Shark Tank India,” alleging they have misled the public and caused significant harm to its members’ businesses.

They claim these misrepresentations have resulted in a “severe jolt” to the sales of their members’ bats and tarnished the image of the entire indigenous Kashmiri bat-making industry.

“The bats manufactured by CBMAK members are highlighted for their superior quality, with various star cricketers endorsing and utilizing them. This sets the stage for the association’s claims against Tramboo Sports,” the delegation said.

“We express astonishment at the claims made by Tramboo Sports on the ‘Shark Tank India’ Season 3 episode dated 30th January 2024,” they said.

They alleged that Tramboo Sports falsely presented themselves as the sole manufacturers of Kashmir willow bats, causing harm to CBMAK members.

“We contend that Tramboo Sports’ false assertions have led to a severe jolt in the sales and supply of CBMAK members’ bats. The claims have also misled the public and purchasers, tarnishing the image of the indigenous industry,” they said.

“CBMAK emphasizes its role as the true and only representative of Kashmir’s cricket bat manufacturers,” the association said while claiming unequivocal support from its members, portraying itself as the guardian of the prosperity and welfare of the local bat manufacturing industry.

The Association through its counsel has also sent a detailed legal notice demanding an on-air apology within 15 days from both Sony Pictures Networks and Tramboo Sports. Additionally, the association through legal notice have sought compensation of Rs. 100,00,00,000 (One Hundred Crores) for damages, loss, and mental agony suffered by CBMAK. (KDC)


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