July 17, 2024

ICC Accepts Pakistan’s Explanation Regarding Rizwan’s Tweet, Takes No Action”

“ICC Accepts Pakistan’s Explanation Regarding Rizwan’s Tweet, Takes No Action”

Muhammad Rizwan’s reference to Palestine did not sit well with the Indian media. Pakistan’s wicketkeeper-batsman, Muhammad Rizwan, made a mention of Palestine that raised concerns in the Indian media. They anticipated that the International Cricket Council (ICC) might take action against Rizwan.

However, the team management successfully quashed these efforts. Sources have disclosed that the ICC engaged in discussions with the team’s management regarding the tweet. They were informed that the tweet did not carry any political statement. Rizwan had simply dedicated his Man of the Match award to the Palestinians and made no other remarks. The ICC found this explanation satisfactory and consequently did not require Rizwan to remove the tweet.

Sources have also conveyed that there is no complete prohibition on the use of social media by the Pakistani cricket team in India. Players are allowed to make general statements about the match, but they are always advised to avoid engaging in controversial matters.

It’s noteworthy that after their record-breaking victory against Sri Lanka in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023, Rizwan chose to dedicate the triumph to the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza.



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