July 20, 2024

Heroic Act: Elderly Man Saves Girl from Suicide Attempt in Srinagar’s Safakadal Jehlum River

Heroic Act: Elderly Man Saves Girl from Suicide Attempt in Srinagar

Srinagar 22/06/24: (JKNN) In a remarkable act of bravery and humanity, an elderly man named Ab Salam, affectionately known as Salam Kak, saved a young girl’s life today in Safakadal, Srinagar.

The girl had attempted to end her life by jumping into the Jhelum River from the road above.Salam Kak, a well-known and respected figure in the community, happened to be at the riverbank on a grim mission to retrieve another body.

Upon seeing the girl plunge into the water, he acted without hesitation. Despite his age and the danger involved, Salam Kak swiftly entered the river and managed to pull the girl to safety.

Eyewitnesses were stunned by his quick response and selflessness.

One local resident remarked, “Salam Kak is a true hero. His actions today saved a life and brought hope to many of us.”Salam Kak, known for his kind heart and dedication to helping others, played down his heroic actions, stating, “It was a moment of humanity. Anyone in my place would have done the same.


I’m just glad the girl is safe.”The girl, whose identity has not been disclosed

This incident highlights the critical need for mental health awareness and support systems in the community.

It also underscores the profound impact that one individual’s courage and compassion can have in times of crisis.The local authorities and residents have praised Salam Kak’s bravery, with many calling for him to be officially recognized for his heroism. His selfless act serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the power of kindness and the importance of looking out for one another.

Note: Salam Kak said, “If anyone ever engages in such behavior again, I say to everyone not to perform their funeral prayers. This is wrong in Islam, doing such a thing.



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