July 20, 2024

Awareness Programme Against Child Labour Organized by DLSA Anantnag and Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum in Observance of World Day Against Child Labour.

Awareness Programme Against Child Labour Organized by DLSA Anantnag and Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum in Observance of World Day Against Child Labour.

BY:- Aijaz Rather

12/06/204 (JKNN)12th of June 2024, District Legal Services Authority Anantnag under the aegis of J&K Legal Services Authority, in collaboration with Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum HQ-Delhi JK Organized an Awareness Programme in observance of World Day Against Child Labour under the theme “LET’S ACT ON OUR COMMITMENTS; END CHILD LABOUR, Bonded Labour/Forced Labour, Access to Education, Child Custody & Protection From Abuse” at Gajjar And Bakerwal Hostel Anantnag . The event was held under the Chairman of Mr.Jaffer Hussain Beig DLSA Anantnag.The event, aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing action to eliminate child labour, educate the community on its adverse effects and to foster collaboration between different sectors to address the root cause of child labour.The event saw participation from various stakeholders, including local authorities, educators, students and community members.
The event was attended by Mr. Jaffer Hussain Beig Chairman, DLSA Anantnag , Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum HQ-Delhi JK Unit, Mudasir Ahmad Naikoo , Diet Principal Anantnag Students from different schools, Panel Lawyers, PLV & Staff of Gajjar Bakerwal Hostel Anantnag.
During his address, Mr. Jaffer Hussain Beig emphasized the severe impact of child labour on children’s eduation, health, and future, describing it as a growing menace in society. He said we must all work together—governments, employers, workers, civil society, and individuals—to create a world free from child labour. During his speech he emphasized to align national laws with international standards and ensure effective enforcement. Strengthen judicial systems to handle child exploitation cases with the urgency they deserve. Financial assistance and social safety nets for vulnerable families can alleviate the economic pressures that drive child labour. Programs such as cash transfers, food security, and access to quality healthcare are essential Universal access to free, quality education is crucial. Education not only provides knowledge and skills but also empowers children to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation.
Kurshid Ahmad and Farooq Ahmad highlighted the legal ramifications of child labour, noting that forcing children as young as 3 or 4 into labour is a punishable offense under law.
Mr. Mudasir Ahmad Naikoo in his address focused on the severe repercussions of child labour on the mental and physical health of children.He outlined how child labour deprives children of their fundamental rights, including the right to education, play, and a safe childhood. Mr. Mudasir Naikoo emphasized the need for a robust community effort to combat this issue, stressing that child labour not only hampers the development of individual children but also affects the overall progress of society.He called upon local authorities, educators, and community members to collaborate closely to create a safe and nurturing environment for all children, ensuring they have access to education and opportunities for a better future.
Various students also contributed to the discussion, and the event concluded with Ms.Tabassum Qadir secretary DLSA Anantnag leading the audience in a pledge to end child labour by 2025.
Speakers and guests were awarded momentos and appreciation certificates for their valuable contributions to the successful organization of the programme.



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